Tour Divide day 23 — Dallman wins women’s race

Sara Dallman and her bike at Antelope Wells.

Sara Dallman and her bike at Antelope Wells.

Sara Dallman of Ohio was the first woman to reach Antelope Wells in the 2013 Tour Divide, pedaling up to the Mexican border during the early hours of Sunday morning for a finish time of 22 days, 19 hours, and five minutes. She was 38th overall.

Less than a day later, Kristen Arnold reached Antelope Wells in 23 days, 12 hours, and two minutes, giving the southbound women’s race a 100-percent finisher rate.

Also late Sunday, yo-yo rider Billy Rice was only a few hours away from the border. This will be his second visit to Antelope Wells this year since leaving for his northbound leg on May 25. Because he was able to gain permission to ride the rerouted sections of the GDMBR, he will establish a new record for an out-and-back ride on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. He came close to his estimated finishing time of 40 days, and took just over 21 days to ride the return leg since leaving Banff on June 16.

Many readers knew that Mike Hall is the round-the-world cycling record holder from his 2012 ride, and an accomplished cyclist from the United Kingdom. I wanted to learn a little more about Sara Dallman. She lists a short biography of her athletic accomplishments on her adventure racing team page:

“I started out as a runner at age 14 inspired by my parents who have both run many marathons. They were the ones that started me off on my healthy , active lifestyle and bred into me the love of the outdoors. Gradually, i started competing and now I’ve participated in more races than I can remember.

In 1999, I started competing in marathons and since then have completed 4 road marathons with my best finish in 3:23. My real love is trail running. I did my first trail marathon in 2009 with the Tecumseh Trail Marathon and finished 2nd female overall and in 2010 took 1st place female.

In 2003, I started adventure racing and became addicted very quickly. Since then I have done 60+ races ranging from 6hr to 10 days with many top 5 finishes. With Mark Lattanzi, I have completed many multi-day races including the E-fix 4 times 2007-2010 and 3 expedition races: 2007 Australia XPD, 2008 Primal Quest and 2009 Explore Sweden.

2010 was full of successful adventure racing with the Odyssey Adventure Racing/ ImOnPoint Team. By the end of the year I was awarded with 9 first place finishes among the many adventure races and trail running races I participated in. I also did a 3 day stage running event in Switzerland with Mark and a 2 day stage run in the New River Gorge both with second place finishes.

I also compete in off road triathlons, 100 mile mountain bike races and rogaines. Often I team up with Stephanie Ross and we race as the All-Terrain Females and many times are the only female team.

If I can be outdoors competing in some beautiful wilderness area I want to be there to experience it. The incredible memories of these events with family and friends is priceless. I look forward to more.”

Twenty-three more racers reached the finish since our last update. Her is a unofficial list of finish rankings so far. Forty-six riders have finished, and 53 have scratched as of July 7.

23. Hugh Harvey 21:12:38
24. Nick Hutton 21:15:51
25. Nathan Mawkes 21:15:52
26. Chris Arndt 21:23:22
27. Christopher Bennett 22:01:26
28. Sean Putnam 22:04:06
29. Ryan Sigsbey 22:04:39
30. Bryan Heselbach 22:04:46
31. Chris Culos 22:06:59
32. Peter Haile 22:07:00
33. Ezra Mullen 22:07:29
34. Peter Maindonald 22:08:45
35. Kevin Campagna 22:10:17
36. Jean-Louis Doridot 22:16:43
37. Ron Babington 22:16:48
38. Sara Dallman 22:19:05
39. Rob Orr 23:07:41
40. Scott Thigpen 23:07:46
41. Kristen Arnold 23:12:02
42. Michael Partheymuller 23:12:04
43. Taylor Kruse 23:12:04
44. Eric Foster 23:12:06
45. Ty Hathaway 23:12:08
46. Joseph Holway 23:12:24

2 thoughts on “Tour Divide day 23 — Dallman wins women’s race

  1. July 16, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Kristen and Taylor Kruse came in 10 minutes behind Mike Parthymuller and I. We both rolled in together for 41st place. Kristen, Taylor, Ty and Joe came in together for 42nd. Our trackers all updated at different times because we finished so close to one another.

  2. July 16, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Mike and I finished in 23:11:50.